Computer Help on Windows Movie Maker

Windows Live Movie Maker is likely to replace Windows Movie Maker which is integrated with Windows Vista. It is a cool application and you can make your own movie using the application and by following some simple computer help tips. Before starting with the application make sure that you have the application installed on your system. If you don’t have this application installed on your computer, you need to download and install the program on your PC first.

To start with the application you need to import the photos and videos that you want to import in the home movie you are planning to make. To import videos and photos onto your PC you can choose any of the two ways suggested by the computer help guys. You can import the video or photos from your mobile phone, digital camera or movie camera. For importing videos or photos from these devices you need to connect the devices to your computer through a USB cable. Another option of importing your photos or videos to your computer is to import the video directly to your PC from your digital video camera. This is used mainly when you have got something recorded on your digital movie camera and want to edit the unwanted parts from it.

If you have already got your videos and photos on to your computer you can go ahead with the imported videos and photos. Launch the Windows Live Movie Maker and click on the button ‘Movie Maker’ and click on the option ‘import from device.’ Once you have completed the importing job, you can start with the editing option.

Open project in Live Movie Maker. Add the imported photos or videos on the project. These imported files will be automatically shown on the storyboard. From here, you can add music to your video. What you can see in the storyboard will be in your final movie, reminds the computer help technicians. You will need to go to ‘add group’ to add photos and videos. You will need to click on the option ‘add videos and photos’.

Now you can trim or move some items from one place to another on the storyboard to make the movie interesting. If you want to move a part of the movie to another place you can drag them or can split the video into two. If you want to trim any part of the video you can go to the ‘video tool’. Over here, you will have to look for the tab ‘edit’. In the editing group, you need to set start point or end point by clicking on the options there.

When you are trying to make a home movie surely you would like to add some special effects, transitions or text to your videos or photos to give it a personal touch. You can use transitions when one photo or video ends and the other’s going to start. You will get sixty choices to choose from. Choose the one looks nice on your background. To add transitions to your movie, you need to select the photos or videos and then you will need to go to the transitions group to look for the tab ‘animation.’ On the tab ‘animation’ you will need to click on the option ‘transition.’ To give your movie a great look you can use the contrast of black and white effects too.

At the beginning of the movie you can put a title or some text telling people how and when the video was taken and why it is special to you. You can add credits at the end of the video just like a real video. To add these you need to go to the add group. There you will need to look for home tab and you need to click on the option for which you want to add text.