How to Make a Video Using Windows Movie Maker

One thing I like to do to professionalize my videos I record on my digital camera is that I like to use a free software called the Windows Movie Maker and this software actually comes with any PC, it is absolutely free. You will find it under your start menu. Windows Movie Maker is basically a free editing software that allows you to add titles, transition, credits and music.

The way that I use this system is that I take my raw video that I record on my canon digital camera and upload it straight up into Windows Movie Maker. Pretty much everybody has a digital camera, and most digital cameras these days have a video recording. Movie Maker tells you exactly how to do this, so I am going to walk you threw it. What you want to do is go to where it says capture video. Now you might have a webcam or you might have to import the video using a USB device, the cord that connects the computer to the camera. Then you want to click on import.

Now you are going to be able to edit it. What I like to do usually on the end of my videos I have, I like to add a title. The way I like to add a title is that I like to give them a call to action. You want to send them to your capture page or your blog etc. Some sort of call to action to go and do something.

When editing the video you want to get creative. You can get fancy with it and change the color and customize it. I like black background. Just make shore that it is easy to read. The worst thing you can do is create a call to action and the person would have to watch it like four times to be able to read it. You can make it bold so that they clearly are going to be able to see what you are trying to tell them.

I like to put music to this. We are not only here to educate people but we are also here to entertain them as well. And we want to make sense on all the different senses. And that might not only be digitally.
Now at the end of every video between the clip and the title I like to add a transition and this is to make it look a little better. There are different transitions here to choose from.

I also like to add low volume of music in my videos. I think it makes it more enjoyable to listen to. Or at the end you want some music to go with that. Just be creative with it.

If you just play with Movie Maker a little bit you get the hang of it. It is all pretty basic and intuitive stuff. Making videos is not a tech thing at all. It is just learning a few simple skill sets and you can start do video marketing which is a core marketing strategy. You can really not underestimate the power of video marketing.