Using Flip Video Software With Windows Movie Maker

The Flip Video software that comes with your Flip camcorder makes editing videos in your computer a simple affair. If you need to put clips together or cut off certain parts of the recording, a few mouse clicks should let you get it done.

Things don’t remain as simple, though, once you start trying to do more creative things with your videos. Adding sounds and visual effects, for instance, is totally impossible on the bundled Flip software, so you’ll need a different solution to get it done.

For Windows users, these tasks can usually be easily accomplished with the Windows Movie Maker. However, more than a few folks have reported having problems when using it to edit Flip video recordings. Most commonly, users will try to drag the file and drop it to Movie Maker, only to get a message that it doesn’t recognize its format (often showing up as an MP3).

If this happens to you, follow these steps to get Windows Movie Maker working with your Flip Video:

1. Make sure that you have run 3ivx_d4_451_win.exe, which is included in the Flip software bundled on your device. It installs the 3ivx codec – the format that Flip Video cameras use.

2. Save the Flip Video recording into your computer by using the Save button on the Flip Video software. This ensures no part of the file gets corrupted during the transfer from the Flip Video storage to your computer’s hard disk.

3. Once you have the video saved on your PC, launch Windows Movie Maker.

4. Import the file into the application by using File -> Import Into Collections from the menu or clicking the Import Video button in the task bar. You can edit more than one video at a time.

5. Once loaded, you can drag your videos to the time line and perform your updates. Afterward, hit the Publish button to output your new and improved movie.