Microsoft Windows 7 Review

Windows 7 is one of the new operating systems offered by Microsoft. While the previous operating systems offered by Microsoft tend to boast a huge number of features, Windows 7 is made to offer a focused upgrade for you computer. The main goal of Microsoft for this particular operating system is to come up with one that is fully compatible with hardware and applications that are also working for Windows Vista.

Microsoft opted to remove some features from this operating system that was already available on its predecessors like Windows Photo Gallery, Windows Mail, Windows Movie Maker and Windows Calendar.

Read on to have an idea on how Windows 7 works and if it would fit your needs on an operating system.

As for the installation, it is like installing Windows Vista. You will have to navigate to some questions in the process of installing it. On the average, the installation process could only take about 15 to 17 minutes.

While the Desktop of Windows 7 is often associated with that of Windows Vista, users can immediately notice that the taskbar is not the same. In this version, the clutter is stripped out. The taskbar now has large and squared off icons making it a bit similar to the dock of Mac. If you want to get rid of some icons that are not really in use, there are a lot of ways in reducing the visual untidiness of the desktop. Under Windows 7, users are allowed to turn off icon-based system and to shrink the taskbar to its actual size.

In addition, the revised device management window can bring a sense of confusion when connecting new gadgets to the computer. Some devices include thumb drives, hard drives or webcams are detected right away.

Interestingly, features are given the option to personalize further the menu features as there are many interesting built-in themes that you can use. Almost all, if not all users could actually be thrilled by this customization features of Windows 7. This could not be completely considered similar with Window Blinds in terms of the level of customization, but the offer of Windows 7 is a lot easier.