Using Flip Video Software With Windows Movie Maker

The Flip Video software that comes with your Flip camcorder makes editing videos in your computer a simple affair. If you need to put clips together or cut off certain parts of the recording, a few mouse clicks should let you get it done.

Things don’t remain as simple, though, once you start trying to do more creative things with your videos. Adding sounds and visual effects, for instance, is totally impossible on the bundled Flip software, so you’ll need a different solution to get it done.

For Windows users, these tasks can usually be easily accomplished with the Windows Movie Maker. However, more than a few folks have reported having problems when using it to edit Flip video recordings. Most commonly, users will try to drag the file and drop it to Movie Maker, only to get a message that it doesn’t recognize its format (often showing up as an MP3).

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Windows Movie Maker Problems With Codecs

No one wants to deal with Windows Movie Maker problems.

While Windows Movie Maker remains one of the very best programs ever devised for those that have a love for creating video files, it is not software that is without its problems.

There will always be issues and bugs associated with using this or any other type of software program. And then there will be those Windows Movie Maker problems that are serious and then there will be those that are exceedingly annoying.

Problems associated with the codec needed to play a file can fall under the category of annoying.

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VHS to DVD With Windows Movie Maker 7

The standard video editing software found on recent Windows operating systems is known as Windows Movie Maker. With the help of this program, you can upload videos to your computer, edit them with transitions and titles, even narration, and make a movie of your own to convert to DVD.

The Windows ME operating system was the first to bring this program along, and Vista and XP carried it as well. After Vista, Windows Movie Maker was dropped in lieu of Windows Live Movie Maker, a different but more recent program. However, you may find that you cannot find a lot of desired features in Windows Live Movie Maker that were found in its predecessor. Windows Live Movie Maker seems to have been created for the sole purpose of making quick videos for YouTube uploading and the like; however, classic Movie Maker features a lot more editing and transition tools that are desired.

If you have Windows 7, though, there is hope, as the Microsoft website will allow you to freely download Windows Movie Maker for your own use.

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How to Go About Using Windows Movie Maker

Windows Movie maker is used for making movies, snaps and along with that it is also used for creating the official presentations. It is very easy to use and side by side it is very interesting also for the person who know how to use it in a proper way. It is one of the pre installed software in the Windows XP operating system. There are various version of WMM. Any version of WMM downloaded from internet for free. In windows movie maker we can not only record the movie but here we can also edit the movie.

It is one of the software which is commonly used by everyone who uses the computer. Windows Movie maker is very user friendly and we can go about learning it very easily. There are various steps which are involved in WMM. Now for creating the movie there are certain steps which are involved with it. Here first of all the user has to drag all the photos and snaps in to the specified pace in the Windows movie maker screen. There is two types of views which are there in WMM.

The first view is the Story board view and the other view is the time line view. Now what you have to do is just have a look that if you have any video clip which is already present in your computer system or not. It there is already present video file then import that file. The extension of the video files can be AVI, MPG etc. Now the next step is that he you can go about editing the different part of the clip. Here editing san is in of the form, it can be trimming of the clip or it can be the deletion of some of the parts. the best way to edit a video clip is to divide the big clip into small parts and then go about performing the editing.

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