High Resolution Hidden Spy Camera Sunglasses

Have you ever imagine that you became a spy or government agent like CIA, or you like to watch spy movie like James Bond 007. You see that every agent always have a unique gadget like a pen which can shoot, or button can record a movie.

For example there is a sunglasses that is equipped with a hidden camera, which can record video with high resolution. With a button located on the glasses you can directly record video without anyone know what are you doing. The hidden spy camera sunglasses can record indoor or outdoor activities and record interviews and other key events to review them later.

Videos are in AVI format generated with 720x480dpi resolution, at 30fps (frames per second). Generated video will be stored in MICRO SD of 16GB. For video transfer to your PC you can use USB 2.0. and no driver needed, just plug and play. You can edit the video with any video editing software such Windows movie maker, ulead pinacle studio or Nero.

These glasses are like most other glasses, with a cool design, and convenient in use, did not look like a sophisticated equipment that can record video. Because video used is the smallest lens camera available today.